Breakdancing on a Balance Beam

How to Find Balance as a Business Person and an Everything-Else-That-You-Are-Too Person

By: Kathleen P. Frank

To YOUR Own Beat and YOUR Own Rhythm! By...​


Finding and Keeping your Inner Child.

The child within is always talking to us. How often do we listen? As we get older why is it so hard to Find and  Keep Our Inner  Child?

Taking a Time Out.

The silence between the notes is essential for everyone’ s well-being for getting in the proper rhythm of life. How often do we take the time to really enjoy the silence of Taking A Time Out?

Being Able To Laugh.

Laughter is often the best medicine – and the health benefits of a good laugh cannot be overstated. So why is it that we don’t make time each day to Find That Laughter?

Being Open to Possibilities.

Why do we often seem to settle for the routine and ordinary, when there are so many EXTRAORDINARY possibilities out there? What might happen if we Open Our Minds To Those Unlimited Possibilities?

Valuing Creativity and Innovation.

Creativity lies within each one of us. How can we value Creativity and Innovation if we’re afraid to try it ourselves?

Believing In Yourself.

My final reflection in this book Is very near and dear to my heart: Believing in Yourself. Sometimes attaining and sustaining belief In ourselves feels like trying to breakdance on a balance beam – a constant need to change direction,  modify goals and behaviors and adapt to the unplanned while maintaining the attitude of  Believing In Yourself.  How can we all  learn to accept and celebrate our uniqueness?